Retail Management Software

  • Classify as company managed or franchisee with or without POS
  • Store policies can be created which control all aspects of POS
  • Create store groups and allocate policies to store groups
  • Manage software updates to POS centrally
  • Retail store software that offers flat-discount, bill buster, buy-get, power-pricing, happy hour promotions on various categories of inventory
  • Retail Management Software with option to create promotions in advance
  • Retail ERP with option to allocate promotions to store groups
  • Loyalty card programs which can be linked up with promotions and other discount schemes (loyalty coupons)
  • Bill-level and item-level promotions supported in same cash memo
  • The Retail ERP software that can help retailers create gift voucher series and issue/ sell vouchers
  • Check online validity and allow gift voucher redemption
  • Retail management software that can issue one-time use or multi-use shopping vouchers which may be personalized
  • Software for retail shop that can track and issue on events like birthday or shopping above threshold or buying certain item from assortment
  • Create specific promotions tagged with the vouchers to enable specific discounts in POS
  • Credit notes can be redeemed in any store or same store on the basis of configuration
  • Credit note redemption requires OTP
  • Partial and full redemption can be configured in the Retail ERP Software
  • Salesmen and store users can be centrally created and managed or this can be done at the store
  • User policies defined as per role and may allow acces to POS backoffice too
  • Salesment incentive plans can be created and used to generate bonus reports
  • Retail billing software allows retailers to create discounts which are at discretion of store cashier or manager
  • No need to stop or redo billing when applying discount with approval of manager
  • Retail software that can trigger SMS on manual discounts
  • Connect retail ERP software with e-commerce platform and capture data in real time
  • Enable in-store app and enhance sales
  • Manage inventory and sales centrally for online and offline stores via retail management module
  • Allow customers to skip long queues with assisted and self-checkout app using Zwing mPOS app
  • Control mobile POS entirely from the Ginesys retail ERP
  • Capture mPOS data and merge with centrally managed data in the retail ERP
  • Gain insights into most preferred products and customer in-store path
  • Manage customer membership data with easy customer tagging features
  • Monitor special customer discounts with OTP based authentication
  • Create point-based schemes in the retail ERP which gets redeemed at the POS automatically
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