Crystal Report development

We are working with Crystal Report since 1998 as a reporting tool for Visual Basic 4.0 Application and have more than 10 Crystal Report writers with 10000+ crystal reports developed in different projects !

Project Scope

We assess your reporting needs and how these reports are going to be delivered to the end-users. We define the tasks, deliverables and time-frame, drafting a plan for the successful implementation.


With an agreed-upon plan in place, our developers begin creating the reports. They speak to the clients for clarification of ambiguities in the requirements if any. At the end of the development, our crystal report developers send the reports to our clients for evaluation and update them after receiving the feedback.


After the initial review from the clients’ side and updating of reports, they go through the testing phase. We will carry out exhaustive unit testing and functional testing, asking you to verify the validity of data returned in crystal report by running it against your production data, once testing has been done internally.


When the reports are ready to be implemented, we help our clients in the deployment process, ensuring reports run properly and clients are able to use it conveniently without any glitches or issues.

Why Crystal Report from Dataman?

  • Our crystal reports help the clients to get a real-time view of business functions and get a competitive advantage through virtually connected multiple data sources.
  • By reusing the various components of reports like bitmaps, SQL commands, custom functions and more, we ensure our clients an increased IT efficiency.
  • We make both offline and online crystal report available from applications and portals for actionable information to be there for decision makers at any point in time giving key insights and a clear picture of business.
  • Our reports are interactive, allowing users to view and explore them with sorting, filtering, grouping and report reformatting at runtime.
  • Our crystal reports have formula oriented pages with optional parameters, with the values and parameters being changeable without refreshing them.
  • As per the requirements of the users, we are able to generate report in various formats like Excel, MHTML, PDF, RTF etc.
  • We facilitate multipurpose report generation, customizable with formulas, group details and text formatting along with the support of multilingual report generation, preview and download.
  • Our reports are flexible enough to be integrated into platforms like .NET and Java. We hold rich experience in integrating such reports with real time applications.
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