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Microsys SchoolERP™ software is India's most appreciated school management software and easy to use for students, parents, teachers and management. It’s an integrated and comprehensive platform for educational institutions to manage their complete IT solutions and communication between stakeholders. The software designed especially for institutions from Kindergarten (KG) to 12th to enable systematic, efficient and smooth day-to-day functioning. It caters all board of schools like CBSE, ICSE, fulfilling their compliance.

Admission Management

Admission management by Microsys SchoolERP is the best holistic admission solution designed for schools which streamlines all the processes involved in the admission of a student in the school, such as, online/offline enquiry, student application, enrollment & registration with customized forms, and integrated online payments.

Fee Management

Fee management module is designed to organize and simplify fee collection process. It adopts school’s existing fee system and performs the same in smarter, quicker and more analytical manner. It is compatible with multiple payment collection modes (cash, bank, cheque, online ) and integrated with other ERP modules, such as, accounts, payroll, stock etc

Time Table Management

It is a best ERP solution for control panel manufacturers. You can manage multi level bill of material, panel wise costing, part wise material tracking, make wise stock management, material planning, third party quality control, production monitoring, warrantee management, erection, installation and commissioning, service management.

Attendance Management

Attendance management module is compatible with all kinds of attendance machines/manually put by class teacher. It helps to maintain a centralized attendance record of staff/students. Attendance management module provides consolidated attendance report to concerned authorities for better attendance management.

Marks Management

Student performance management is an integral part of imparting education and improvement of the same is the ultimate goal of schools. Marks management module is a great tool to automate the entire report card making process. Marks management module accommodates all CBSE/ICSE/All state board.

Library Management

Ours Library management system is one of the most advanced library management software. Its covers all the basic features of library software, such as, Issue-Return, Fine Calculation, Periodical Subscription etc. It has powerful search tool to allow student to search books of the school library at a glance.

Transport Management

Transport management module takes care of Buses, Routes, Stops and relevant charges. You may define routes as per your wish. Bus stops will be defined under that route. Students of the school will be attached to a stop only. Access real-time GPS data and ensure the safety of your students and sends real-time notifications to parents.

SMS Services

School administrator and class teacher can use the messaging system to notify or send any messages to the students, parents and teachers. The institutions can send out targeted information to parents and students about school events, fee dues, etc. and to the teachers about upcoming PTA meetings etc. This keeps the users updated about their assigned responsibilities.

Hostel Management

Hostel management module is a unique module wherein you can manage your hostel and campus residences efficiently. Centrally manage & allocate rooms across multiple residential facilities, assign staff and warden, manage hostel fee collection and generate instant occupancy reports for hostels.

Payroll Management

Payroll management module offers unmatched convenience by accomplishing day-long tasks, such as, salary generation, TDS calculations or challan generation etc., on just a few clicks. It is a highly appreciated and effective solution for employee management, HR Management and statuary compliance, such as, PF, ESI, gratuity, bonus etc.

Inventory Management

Inventory management module is very useful tool for manage school inventory and assets. We cover entire inventory management cycle, right from purchase requisition to depreciation. It helps school to track stock-in, stock-out, and current balance and generate alert for stock below minimum level.


An ultimate tailored accounting management module, that suits and provides all the key features and functions required by a school by seamlessly collecting all financial data from Fee Management, Payroll Management, Inventory Management and other modules. It fetches data automatically and saves a lot of entry work, which eventually prevent accountants from errors and saves time.

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