Transport Management Software

Microsys is a Transport Management Software that gives businesses increased visibility over their logistics process by automating transport operations on a real-time basis for better management. It serves as one consolidated platform to manage, procure, distribute and track vehicles. As an all-inclusive vehicle management system, it handles every facet of the transportation cycle such as pricing, routing, billing and invoice generation, scheduling, auditing and status updates among others.

Our mission is to deliver significant value by creating a software for transport companies to assist them manage their fleet and freight efficiently. Developed by Microsys Technologies renowned product development company in Gorakhpur that has successfully built top-tier products for companies in various domains.

RR Management

Manage the incoming and outgoing of railway goods.

Loading Receipt

Create Loading slips from the system against RR.

Trip management

Manage trip related tasks such as scheduling trips, assigning drivers, and giving trip advances among many others.

Expenses Management

Seamlessly add driver and transport expenses (Toll, Hamali, etc.) which come handy for future invoice creation.

Purchase Invoice

This includes evaluation and generation of invoices for rented vehicles as well as Hamali.

Sales Invoice

Comprehensive invoice generation based on freight charges and other expenses incurred in the trip.

Reports and Analytics

Comprehensive sales and trip reports for understanding each trip status, expenses incurred, etc.

Create Ledger

Manage your ledgers and their payments.

Profit/Loss Statement

Generate Profit Loss statements to understand your company cost.

Balance Sheet

Get a better understanding of the financial health of your company and the net worth of your business.

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